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Copy of Clovis Farmers Market

Friday, September 20, 2019

Address: 4th Street & Pollasky, Downtown Clovis

Arrival time 6:00pm

Performance Time: 6:45pm-ish

Attire: This is a Casual Jelly Bean gig.  This means Beaters may wear ANY WGTB shirt they own. It can be a camp shirt as well. Black on the bottom.

Final Playlist: COMING SOON!

This reminds everyone who is on a drum part and who is playing keyboard solos for this gig. If your Beater's name is not on this list it means they are playing a very important keyboard part on that song. We do our best to rotate drummers and soloists for each gig. We want more Beaters to prepare to play drums and solos as the year goes on.

Specific Directions: The van & trailer will be parked west of Pollasky on 4th street

Notes: Please try to arrive early to look for parking. It could be very scarce on this night. Consider looking northwest of Pollasky and 4th. You may want to drop your Beater off on 4th street before you search for parking.

 We set up, play and pack together as a band so:

  1. Please make sure your Beater is free to help us move equipment, set up, tear down and pack the van and trailer

  2. Please make sure your Beater doesn't eat food or have a drink in their hands while we are moving or packing equipment

Thanks for your cooperation